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About Holy Sparkle

Holy Sparkle is a jewellery online store that specializes in fine pieces deeply rooted in Biblical meaning. Each item in our collection is inspired by and found within the Bible, ensuring that every accessory carries a profound and beautiful purpose.


We carefully select and curate our pieces from trusted suppliers, choosing only those that embody a deep spiritual significance. By wearing such pieces, the customers embrace and reflect the timeless stories and truths of the Scriptures.

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About Diana Migura

Art Historian, Business Owner

Hi there!


I’m delighted to welcome you to Holy Sparkle, my jewelry shop. Since my school days, I always dreamed of owning a boutique, and I am happy that finally, it's time

My studies in art history introduced me to the rich symbolism found in the Bible, which has always fascinated me. Paired with my personal faith, I discovered that Biblical symbolism can be a truly captivating and meaningful exploration. This led me to feel a calling to create a business that not only honors God but also has a profound meaning. That’s how Holy Sparkle was born – a place where exquisite jewelry pieces celebrate the mysteries, beauty, and love of Christ.


I hope you find joy in exploring my collection, discovering nuggets of Biblical truth, and perhaps finding a piece that speaks to you.


God bless you!

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